A Harry Potter themed wedding, absolute magic!


Harry Potter themed wedding day...yes please. Ok I may only be twenty years late to the party but I have just started reading the Harry Potter series to my children and we are all a little obsessed. Here is a few tips on how to add a little wizard sparkle and a hint of Hogwart’s to your big day.

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Okay, we hear you, sometimes if not done right themed weddings have a bit of a reputation for being a little on the tacky side… however if there’s something you and your partner are both passionate about, even bonded over, then why not include a dash of that into your big day? 

This year marks 20 years since Harry Potter was released, so of course we are talking all things Hogwarts for our themed wedding special:

Here’s how to tastefully Slitherin a hint of Potter to your big day for a truly magical wedding. (Sorry I couldn’t help myself.)

We are not talking arriving on broomsticks and donning fake lightening scars here,(but as a wedding photographer this would be fab for photographs if you did fancy making an entrance!)  think more the magical lighting of the great hall and Hogwarts exception letters as invites, anyone know of any well trained owls available for deliveries? Nope, okay guess the muggle mail will have to do this time…

Stock your bar with butterbeer and weird and wonderful ‘potions’, wear a Rowena Ravenclaw -inspired Diadem and have a potter themed cake.

The house colours are also a nice subtle idea for table settings and fun magic tricks and moving piano music will besure to keep your guests spellbound. Honeydukes sweetshop could provide a tasty wedding favour, think ‘love potions’, magic chocolate frogs or a bespoke copy of the Daily Prophet hot off the press all about your big day.

Apparently Hogwarts its self isn’t a real thing (nightmare) however Alnwick Castle, which is where Hogwarts was filmed, is real, Hurrah!  And the rolling hillsides of Glencoe, featured in the Prisoner Of Azkaban are also very real. The birthplace of Harry Potter, (not Godricks hollow, that doesn’t exist either) but Edinburgh is where JK Rowling came up with the idea and started writing. Any of these could be the perfect venue for your big day.

Hopefully you’ll have found some inspiration for your themed wedding but remember subtlety is key when planning a themed wedding, were being Sirius, don’t make your entire day about Harry Potter, it’s your day after all, it’s about your love for one another, Always.

If you are planning your own Harry Potter themed wedding and are looking for your wedding photographer please get in touch  here for a chat as I would love to be a part of and photograph your big day. At the rate we are reading the books I may have even finished them all very soon.


Words by Abigail Maden, creative content writer at JDP

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