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Tipi weddings, why they are special and why as a wedding photographer I absolutely love a wedding in a tipi

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Tipi Weddings, 2017’s Hottest Trend.


Bohemian vibes, cascading lighting, live music and wild dancing under the stars… No, we’re not setting the scene for a severely 60’s inspired music video, we are in fact picturing a perfectly unique wedding venue.

As much as we are usually taken in by tradition, there’s something about a wedding in a tipi that just makes us jump for wedding photography joy.

Here are just a few reasons that we can’t get enough of tipi weddings this season.


The photography factor

Having nature’s inimitable beauty as your wedding scenery, you can’t go far wrong now can you? You’ll get to pick where you set up your venue, not to mention get dreamy, countryside backdrops for your wedding pictures. Think whimsical woodlands, fields of wildflowers or sand dunes at sunset; need we say more?


The unique factor

Is it because there is nothing prettier than a cone-shaped ‘room’ filled with wildflowers and decadent foliage? Or because these unique structures look so out of place popped up here in the British countryside that it just looks so right! There are many reasons a tipi wedding is certainly a unique talking point and the perfect setting for an unforgettable day. 


The DIY factor

We love a hand made finishing touch, be it hand-crafted wedding favours, hand-written name cards or incredibly tasty home-cooked wedding cake; never have homemade touches looked so at home than in a laid back tipi wedding. 


The hippy Factor

In our (not so humble) opinion the best weddings are about all about love and togetherness. Okay I hear you, its getting ‘peace and love’ very quickly here, but a tipi wedding isn’t only for the more ‘hippy’ brides. There is something about this less formal style that seems more connected and intimate. 


What’s not to love? 

Step away from tradition and into your very own ethereal fairytale to encapsulate a bohemian spirit with a love of nature, live music and wild dancing under the stars. Decorate your tipi as you wish and pop it up anywhere! Move your truly unique wedding venue to you, include all of the good vibes you can handle and sprinkle on a few fairy lights. 

That sounds like our kind of bash!

If you are planning your own wedding in a tipi and are still on the hunt for a wedding photographer please get in touch as I would love to hear from you.


Venue in photographs: The ever lovely Skipbridge Country weddings just outside York

Words by Abigail Maden, Creative Content Writer at JDP x

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